The Team

The team behind

Who are we?

We are nothing but a bunch of geeks who want to help people in building their Personal Computers.

Hugo M


It was my idea to start this amazing blog specifically related to motherboards.

Peter H

Senior Editor

I take care & fact-check all the amazing work done by the content team.

Sofia C


I love tech! That’s why I edit the content here.

Chris R


I make sure this website is always available to the users.

Editorial Policy & Guidelines

As a result of our strict policy, we are able to maintain high-quality content. MotherboardFor’s Senior Editors, experts in the field, carefully review every keystroke.

We publish only original, authentic, and unbiased content as part of our editorial policy.


As part of our fact-checking policy, we ensure our content remains true to objective, factual information, free of biases or industry jargon. All our articles are fact-checked by our senior editor Peter Hill who has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and has worked in the tech-industry for over 15 years.

It is therefore necessary to verify sources, cross-check data, and consult experts.


No matter how intensely we vet the uploaded content, errors will inevitably creep into the final product.

It is however our policy to correct errors as soon as possible and to revise the final content as soon as possible as per our correction policy.

The result is that we always provide accurate, current information to our readers.


MotherboardFor is committed to the originality of its content. We do not compromise the authenticity of our articles because they are thoroughly researched and written from scratch.

It is only through this method that unbiased and objective reporting is possible.

Quality Control

Maintaining high-quality standards is a priority for us.

Furthermore, we review our posts regularly with our editors in addition to our regular editing, fact-checking, and correction policies.

Our copy editors check grammar, style, and tone before publication.

Plagiarism Prevention

In light of our dedication to originality, our policy to prevent plagiarism should come as no surprise.

Prior to publication, all work of our writers must be submitted to a plagiarism checker. Copying is also regularly checked on our website, and we take immediate action if it is found.

Copyright protection

All content on MotherboardFor is protected by copyright laws. As a result, anyone wishing to use our material must first obtain our permission.

We are very protective of our IP and will take swift action against any unauthorized use of our content.

Read the Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclosure for more information. Click here to contact us.