GIGABYTE X670 AORUS Elite AX Motherboard Review

Push your gaming rig’s performance to the next level with the GIGABYTE X670 AORUS Elite. This motherboard ensures you get smooth, uninterrupted gameplay and high-speed connection speeds in all multimedia tasks thanks to its modern array of features.

Further information about this product is provided below.

GIGABYTE X670 AORUS Elite AX (AM5/ LGA 1718/ AMD/ X670/...
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • AMD AM5 Socket: Supports AMD Ryzen 7000 Series...
  • DDR5 Compatible: 4SMD DIMMs with ECC/Non-ECC...

What sets it apart?

  • Warranty: The GIGABYTE X670 AORUS Elite AX comes with an impressive 5-year warranty, offering peace of mind and assurance that your motherboard will last.
  • AM5 Socket: It features an advanced AMD AM5 socket for powerful and reliable performance, making it applicable to a wide range of processors.
  • Memory Slots: Compatible with DDR5 memory slots, the motherboard is ideal for a high-performance computing experience.
  • VRM Solution: This model includes Direct 16+2+2 Phases Digital VRM solution 8 layer 2X Copper PCB which offers robust power delivery even under heavy load.
  • Cooling System: Its comprehensive cooling system ensures optimal temperature control and helps to extend the life of all components inside your computer.
  • Multi-Key Functionalities: The board also features M.2 EZ-Latch, fast networking with 2.5GbE LAN & AMD WiFi 6E 802.11ax and Dynamic Audio capabilities as well as Fine Tuning Features for serious gaming enthusiasts looking for multi-key functionalities.


  1. Five-year warranty.
  2. Advanced thermal design.
  3. High-speed connectivity.


  1. Limited overclocking options.

My Experience with this Mobo

I recently tried out the GIGABYTE X670 AORUS Elite AX motherboard and it completely blew me away. It comes with a 5-Year warranty that gives me great peace of mind, knowing it’s strong and here to stay. The AMD AM5 Socket supports up to 7000 Series Processors which is truly impressive.

I’m also impressed by the cutting-edge thermal design making it highly reliable and efficient even under heavy loads.

This motherboard is robustly built and offers versatile options for gaming, streaming, or multitasking! I would give it 8 out of 10 stars, its graphical interface makes setting it up easy and user-friendly. Highly recommend this one!

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this GIGABYTE X670 AORUS Elite AX is an ultimate motherboard with a plethora of excellent features that ensures top-notch performance.


All the impressive specs and latest technology such as Direct 16+2+2 phases Digital VRM solution make it perfect for gamers who look for maximum out of their PC. Furthermore, its 5-year warranty gives absolute peace of mind to buyers.

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