The Best Gaming Mouse in 2024 (Top 5 Picks)

It’s no secret, if you are serious about gaming, having the right mouse can make all the difference. From choosing the correct size and shape to finding a solution with customizable buttons that match your play style, selecting a gaming mouse requires careful thought and research.

Modern gaming mice aren’t just about raw performance; they offer enhanced accuracy and comfort, thanks to their ergonomic designs. The market is brimming with different choices, so deciding which one to go for can be difficult.

Fortunately, we have rounded up some of the best gaming mice currently available on the market to help you find the perfect companion for your gaming experience.

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level budget option or something feature-packed that will last you several years to come, our round-up has something for everyone who wants top-quality performance combined with reliable precision control and enough programmable buttons to fit any preference.

Top 5 Best Gaming Mice in 2024

1. Razer Viper V2 Pro HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Razer Viper V2 Pro HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse stands out in the esports arena with its 59g ultra-lightweight design, making it one of the lightest in the market.

My first impression was its remarkable balance between lightness and robust functionality. Compared to its competitors, it offers a unique blend of speed and control, highly favored by esports professionals. The price point seems justified given its top-tier features and performance.

Razer Viper V2 Pro HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse:...
  • 59G ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN — One of the...
  • FOCUS PRO 30K OPTICAL SENSOR — Best-in-class...

What sets this mouse apart is its FOCUS PRO 30K Optical Sensor and Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3. These features ensure flawless tracking on various surfaces, including glass, and an impressive 90-million-click lifecycle.

This level of precision and durability is rare, even among high-end gaming mice. Its Hyperspeed Wireless technology and 90-hour battery life also enhance the gaming experience without the frequent need for charging.

Should you buy it? Absolutely, if you’re an avid gamer or a professional seeking a reliable, high-performance mouse. Its on-mouse DPI controls add to the convenience, allowing quick adjustments.

However, be mindful of some reported issues with the scroll wheel and wireless connectivity over time. Overall, it’s a solid choice for those prioritizing speed and precision in their gaming setup.


  • Ultra-Lightweight Design
  • 30K Optical Sensor
  • Gen-3 Optical Switches
  • Hyperspeed Wireless
  • 90-Hour Battery
  • On-Mouse DPI Controls


  • Lightweight
  • High Precision
  • Long Battery Life
  • Fast Wireless
  • Durable Switches


  • Scroll Wheel Issues
  • Connectivity Problems
  • Durability Concerns

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2. Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse immediately caught my attention with its Hero 25K Sensor and PowerPlay wireless charging compatibility. It’s a standout in the gaming gear market, offering a blend of high-end features and versatility.

The mouse’s responsiveness and ergonomic design are tailored for serious gamers, setting it apart from many competitors. However, considering the price, the reported durability issues and software glitches are concerning.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse with...
  • Selling Wireless Gaming Gear Brand - Based on...
  • PowerPlay wireless charging: Never worry about...
  • Light speed wireless gaming mouse: Exclusive...

Despite its advanced features like tunable weights and Lightsync RGB, the G502 faces criticism for double-clicking problems and sensor malfunctions. The use of a micro USB port instead of a more modern connection is a minor yet notable drawback.

While the mouse offers great potential for gaming, these issues might deter some users. The G Hub software, intended to enhance user experience, ironically, adds to the complexity with its DPI inconsistencies.

In conclusion, the Logitech G502 is a mixed bag. It’s fantastic for those who find comfort in its design and can make full use of its high DPI sensitivity and wireless flexibility.

However, if you’re concerned about long-term durability and software reliability, you might want to explore other options. The mouse shines in certain aspects but falls short in others, making it a conditional recommendation based on your specific needs and preferences.


  • Hero 25K Sensor
  • PowerPlay Compatible
  • Tunable Weights
  • Lightsync RGB
  • Wireless/Wired Use
  • Ergonomic Design


  • High Responsiveness
  • Ergonomic Comfort
  • High DPI Sensitivity
  • Wireless Charging
  • Customizable Features


  • Durability Issues
  • Software Glitches
  • Outdated USB Port

3. Razer Basilisk V3 Customizable Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

The Razer Basilisk V3 immediately impresses with its iconic ergonomic design and thumb rest, making it a favorite among PC gamers.

Its 11 programmable buttons and Hyperscroll Tilt Wheel set it apart from competitors, offering a level of customization and ease of use that is hard to match. However, the price point might be a bit steep, especially when considering the mixed feedback regarding its software and durability.

Razer Basilisk V3 Customizable Ergonomic Gaming Mouse:...
  • 11 PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS — Assign macros and...
  • HYPERSCROLL TILT WHEEL — Speed through content...

While the 26K DPI optical sensor and Razer Chroma RGB lighting are standout features, the mouse has drawn criticism for quality control issues and software problems.

The mandatory use of Synapse software for RGB lighting control and inconsistent performance on various surfaces are notable drawbacks. Despite these issues, many users appreciate its comfortable design and long-lasting battery life.

In conclusion, the Razer Basilisk V3 is a solid choice for gamers who value comfort and customization. However, if you have larger hands or are concerned about software reliability and long-term durability, you might want to consider other options.

The mouse offers great potential, but its appeal may be limited by its specific ergonomic design and software requirements.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • 11 Programmable Buttons
  • Hyperscroll Tilt Wheel
  • 26K DPI Sensor
  • Razer Chroma RGB
  • Optical Switches Gen 2


  • Comfortable Use
  • High Customization
  • Long Battery Life
  • Responsive Sensor
  • Attractive Lighting


  • Software Issues
  • Quality Concerns
  • Limited Durability

4. FANTECH ARIA XD7 Wireless Gaming Mouse

The FANTECH ARIA XD7 Wireless Gaming Mouse impresses with its super lightweight design and PixArt 3395 Gaming Sensor. Weighing just 59 grams, it’s designed for maximum performance with minimal wrist fatigue.

The ergonomic shape and responsive clicks make it a strong contender in the gaming mouse market. However, concerns about durability and quality control, such as double-clicking issues, are worth considering, especially for intense gaming sessions.

FANTECH ARIA XD7 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Pixart 3395...
  • Super Lightweight: All the features of a high-end...
  • Professional Combination: Fantech Aria Features...
  • Excellent Performance: Fantech XD7 is equipped...

This mouse’s 26K DPI and tri-mode connectivity offer versatility and precision, appealing to a wide range of users. The customizable features, including adjustable LOD and programmable buttons, enhance the gaming experience.

However, some users have reported unresponsive customer support and long shipping times, which could be potential drawbacks for those needing quick assistance or delivery.

In conclusion, the FANTECH ARIA XD7 is a great choice for gamers looking for a lightweight, high-performance mouse. Its ergonomic design and high-quality sensor are definite pluses.

However, if you’re concerned about potential quality issues and customer support responsiveness, you might want to explore other options. It’s a mouse that offers excellent features but with some caveats to consider.


  • Super Lightweight
  • PixArt 3395 Sensor
  • 26K DPI
  • Tri-Mode Connectivity
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Customizable Features


  • Lightweight Design
  • High Precision
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Versatile Connectivity
  • Responsive Clicks


  • Durability Concerns
  • Customer Support Issues
  • Long Shipping Times

5. Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Optical Mouse

The Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Optical Mouse stands out with its HERO Gaming Sensor and LIGHTSPEED Wireless technology. My first impression was its commitment to power efficiency and responsiveness, essential for competitive gaming.

The ultra-long battery life and lightweight design are particularly impressive, offering convenience and maneuverability. However, some users have reported issues with button responsiveness and connectivity, which could be a concern for gamers seeking reliability.

Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Optical Mouse,...
  • HERO Gaming Sensor: Next-gen HERO mouse sensor...
  • LIGHTSPEED Wireless: Ultra-fast LIGHTSPEED...
  • Ultra-Long Battery Life: The G305 wireless...

Despite these concerns, the G305’s 250 hours of continuous gameplay on a single AA battery and its portable design make it a great choice for gamers on the go.

The 12,000 DPI sensitivity ensures precise control, which is a significant advantage in fast-paced gaming scenarios. However, the reported technical issues, such as double-clicking and scroll wheel malfunctions, are notable drawbacks that might affect your experience.

In conclusion, the Logitech G305 is a solid choice for those looking for a balance between performance and portability. Its Hero 12K Sensor and 6 programmable buttons offer great functionality.

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However, if you’re particularly concerned about long-term reliability and technical issues, it might be wise to consider other options. This mouse is a great fit for casual and semi-competitive gamers but might fall short for those with more demanding gaming needs.


  • HERO Gaming Sensor
  • LIGHTSPEED Wireless
  • 12,000 DPI
  • 250h Battery Life
  • Lightweight Design
  • 6 Programmable Buttons


  • Responsive Design
  • Long Battery Life
  • Accurate Sensor
  • Easy Setup
  • Low Click Latency


  • Button Responsiveness
  • Connectivity Issues
  • Scroll Wheel Problems

What to check in a Gaming Mouse before buying?

Sensor Type

Choosing the right sensor type is an important factor to consider when buying a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse may offer different types of sensors such as optical, laser, or dual sensor technology. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to understand what makes each type unique before making a purchase decision.

DPI Range

Along with choosing the right sensor type, gamers should also look at the DPI range offered by the gaming mouse they’re considering. Higher DPI allows for more precise movements but can also make controlling your cursor difficult if you don’t have steady hands or good control over your actions.

Button Layout

A well-designed button layout is another important consideration when purchasing a gaming mouse. The number of buttons on the device often affects overall convenience and user experience so pay close attention to how many buttons are available and their positioning on the device.

Comfort Level

The comfort level of the gaming mouse also needs to be taken into consideration as no two people will have the same preferences in this regard. Different shapes, materials and weight distribution all affect how comfortable a device feels when used for extended periods of time.

Weight Adjustment

For serious gamers, having some kind of weight adjustment feature included in their gaming mouse is useful as this allows them to adjust the weight according to their personal preference which greatly improves accuracy and helps reduce fatigue during long sessions.


Finally, design plays a huge role in selecting the best gaming mouse and aesthetics are just as important as any other factor here. Gamers want something that looks stylish while still offering maximum performance; finding that balance between form and function can be difficult but ultimately rewarding once you find it!

Final Verdict

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have gone through the products and customer reviews to find out what features are important when selecting a gaming mouse.

We looked at the response time of the mouse, the design ergonomics for comfort during long periods of usage, the number of buttons it has, its weight and build quality, and of course how much it costs.

After considering all these points we have come up with our final verdict – the top 5 best gaming mouses on the market right now, each one offering something different but providing great value in terms of their performance as well as offering options that will suit most budgets.

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